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Missionary and Mission Support

Scott and Marcia Geurink - Hispanic Ministries - Classis Zeeland (

After working for 23 years with Christian Reformed Home Missions in Tijuana, Mexico, the Geurinks

moved back to West Michigan. Scott is working in a variety of Hispanic Ministries through Classis

Zeeland. He has led many evangelistic Bible studies in area greenhouses and farms, and had had

the privilege of leading many to Christ. He also represents Resonate Global Missions (formerly

Christian Reformed Home Missions) and the promotion of Hispanic Ministries in the Great Lakes

Region. He is also the USA Hispanic Coordinator and trainer for Multiplication Network Ministries,

which trains church planters. Marcia was assisting Scott in ministry and is now teaching 6th and 7th

graders in Spanish and English at Zeeland Christian School.


Mike and Victoria VanDerDyke - Nigeria, Africa - (

Mike serves as an advisor to the Missions Department of the Christian Reformed Church of Nigeria.  The CRCN Missions Department has church planters working in various parts of Nigeria and is also sending Nigerian missionaries to neighboring countries in West Africa.  Mike first came to Nigeria in April 1979 after being challenged to use his gifts for the Lord in Africa.  He continues to be challenged by the need to reach out with the gospel to those who have not had the opportunity to hear it.



John and Ruth Hoekwater - Rogers Park in Chicago - (

John pastored West Leonard Church from 1994-1999.  From there the Hoekwaters served as missionaries in Jamaica for two years.  Since 2001, they have been church planters in the Rogers Park area of Chicago.  In addition to pastoring Many Peoples Church, John and Ruth are very active in their community.  Ruth started the Common Cup House, a place where many come to seek friendship and counseling as well as a cup of coffee and a pastry.


Pablo and Jan Feliciano - Chiapas, Mexico - (

Pablo and Jan began their work in southern Mexico with the Tzeital people in 1984.  Pablo was ordained as a pastor and installed into their first church in February of 1985.  Over the years, God has led them to teaching in the Tzeital Bible School from 1986 to 1990 and Villahermosa, Tabasco for 12 years working with the seminary from 1990 to 2002.  They returned to Chiapas to leadership in a new Tzeital Bible School.  About two years ago they dedicated a new medical clinic and have had some 25 medical teams come in the last 10 years and now with the new clinic three or four are planned a year.  Pablo also spends much time in counseling.


Pastor Robert & Melys Garcia, Wyoming, Michigan -

Communidad Christiana Internacional - An evolving ministry and Bible study to

Hispanic people in the greater Grand Rapids area.




Ken and Chris Van Weerdhuizen - Home Support in North Carolina

In February of 2013 the Van Weerdhuizens began working at the JAARS Center in Waxhaw, North Carolina.  For many years their service with Wyclliffe brought them to assignments overseas (Phillipines and Cameroon).  Now they are a part of the home support team for others who are serving overseas.  Ken is serving as the Assistant to the President of JAARS.  He is also involved in exposing people to Bible translation through JAARS' Missions at the Airport program held at local airports across the country.  Chris is a Wycliffe Resource Coordinator, serving Wycliffe members around the world encourging them, answering questions, and connecting them with helpful resources.


Mississippi Christian Family Services - Rolling Fork, Mississippi - (

This ministry is dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities to reach their full potential.  This is done in various ways, including education, housing, food, medical services, jobs, spiritual care, and other special services.  Georgia Russell has been the Executive Director of MCFS for the past five years.  Many members of West Leonard have voluteered at MCFS in the past and some continue to do so.


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